Out on the streets

On the streets of Cambridge (and many other places in the UK) Street Pastors usually patrol every Friday and Saturday night from 10 pm to 4 am in and around the city centre, whatever the weather.  (As of summer 2021, we are currently patrolling only on Saturdays and 10pm to 3am while we re-build our teams.)

We wear blue caps and uniforms with STREET PASTORS in luminous lettering, so are very easy to spot. All street pastors in Cambridge will be carrying ID cards which identify them as being part of the organisation.

We keep an eye out for anyone in need and we assist anyone in any kind of need without judgement.  We respond to calls on the CamBac radio we carry;  CamBac stands for Cambridge Businesses Against Crime and the radios link the Street Pastors, Club doormen, police, paramedics and CCTV. 

497102Sick, upset, lost, lonely, worse for wear, need to talk. We stay with people until they are ready to move or until further help arrives, or on a Saturday we may encourage folk along to NightLite to recover or wait in safety. We are in contact with the emergency services including paramedics should they be required. 

Our purpose is to be a reassuring presence on the streets - we do not intervene in the fights which occasionally occur but we do believe our calming presence has helped avoid many a conflict and are there to help in any way we can.

Follow-up help

We carry information on a range of agencies that provide help of different kinds, and anyone can continue a conversation the next day by contacting the Street Pastors Director via phone or email.

If you need us while we are on patrol ask any door supervisor or police officer who can contact the patrol via their CAMBAC radio, or contact us here.


On Saturday nights we also run the NightLite 'safe space' in Downing Place URC from 10pm to 3am.  Post-Covid, NightLIte is running on the last Saturday of each month 30th October (Halloween), 27th November, 18th Decemeber (TBC) and Friday 31st December (New Year's Eve).nightlightlogo

This offers a place to wait, chat, recharge your phone, receive assistance, sleep or just use the loo! Our volunteers are all from local Christian churches and are demonstrating God's love though our care of people.

Our volunteers only discuss or share their personal faith if they are asked.

Have fun - and keep safe!